Harmful alcohol consumption increases during crisis, more pregnancies exposed during COVID -19.

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In times of crisis and psychological distress the rate of harmful alcohol consumption increases, as can the birth rate after periods of social isolation. Together, extended seclusion and stress could mean more pregnancies exposed to more harmful alcohol consumption patterns. 

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The Métis Settlements FASD Network

About Us

The Métis Settlements FASD Network exists to enhance the capacity of our Communities to prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and support those impacted by FASD through coordinated planning, collaboration, education, service delivery and advocacy. 

The strategic direction and goals are influenced by the Provincial FASD Network core operating values in collaboration with the Métis way of life. Components to Métis way of life and other components that make us unique include but are not limited to the following:

  • We, as Métis people, know who we are in terms of our own identity and it’s very different than who so many people think we are (identity tied to Canadian history)
  • We, As Métis people, have our own unique government (only legislated Métis government in Canada)
  • We, As Métis people, have our own land base (only Métis to have this distinction)
  • We, As Métis people, have a value system of family, humor, hard work, community involvement/participation, humility, respect, equality, etc.
  • We, as Métis people, have a close connection, and both positive and historic relations with provincial government
  • The structure of the community & the dynamics within each community


Our Culture

The Metis Settlements General Council are the only Métis land-based government in Canada

Our culture guides and shapes our partnerships. Respect, hard work, creativity, and commitment are the hallmarks of our present and future relationships. We are in a unique position to lead by example by building enriching partnerships that yield economic and social prosperity.



Métis Settlements FASD Network
Suite 101, 10335-172 Street
Edmonton, AB T5S 1K9
TOLL FREE: (855) 915-3273