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Assessment & Diagnosis

PCAP (Parent-Child Assistance Program)

Supports Through the Lifespan

  • Assessment services include appropriate screening and assessments to guide planning. Assessment and diagnostic services may or may not lead to a confirmed diagnosis under the spectrum of FASD. Assessment includes medical, cognitive, behavioural screening, and referrals to professionals who provide diagnosis.

  • Diagnostic services include medical, cognitive and behavioural assessments by a multi-disciplinary team whose members will vary depending on the age and/or presentation of the individual being assessed. Diagnosis includes assessment services as well as a formal diagnosis on the FASD spectrum provided by a physician and multi-disciplinary team, or a multi-disciplinary diagnostic team.

Supports Through the Lifespan

PCAP (Parent-Child Assistance Program)

Supports Through the Lifespan

  • Supports are considered to be programs and services in the community, aimed at enabling individuals affected by FASD to reach their potential, as well as supports and assistance to families and caregivers of individuals affected by FASD.

  • Supports include the following areas but are not limited to:  information, service coordination/case management, supports for daily living, rehabilitation/behavioural, opportunities for meaningful activities, and respite services.

PCAP (Parent-Child Assistance Program)

PCAP (Parent-Child Assistance Program)

PCAP (Parent-Child Assistance Program)

  • The Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP) model has been chosen in Alberta to provide services for targeted and indicated prevention of FASD.

  • The primary goal of PCAP is to prevent future births of alcohol and drug exposed children. We do this by addressing the needs of the mothers – and getting them stabilized in a variety of ways. We envision a province where women with substance abuse issues are well supported in their communities to have healthy pregnancies and healthy families.

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To learn more about FASD and access free resources

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Or See the FASD Strategies Not Solutions handbook.

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Online Training


Basic FASD Training

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Sector/Special Interest FASD Training

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Specialized/Expert FASD Training

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Supporting Our Metis Settlements

Buffalo Lake, Gift Lake, East Prairie, Kikino, Elizabeth, Paddle Prairie, Fishing Lake, and Peavine Metis Settlement.

For more information on the Metis Settlements visit 

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